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  • Wisdom Cabinet Marquetry Panel
    Not For Sale
  • Marquetry Close-Up
    Ash burl, rosewoods, walnut, holly
    Not For Sale
  • Cabinet for Wisdom-Front Door with Marquetry
    Balancing the head and the heart to find peace and practice with wisdom and compassion
    Not For Sale
  • Galle I--Marquetry
    Not For Sale
  • Buber Sculpture-Upper Section
    Marquetry sculpture braced on solid maple
    Price On Request
  • Buber Sculpture-Hanging Organ Close Up
    Organ that hangs from upper section of sculpture; marquetry on carved mahogany
    Price On Request
  • "English Brown Oak Tea Box"
    This piece, a gift for our good friends on their wedding day, connects to my training as a cabinetmaker and my work with marquetry.
    Not For Sale
  • Animal CrackersI
    The gorilla's fur, as pictured here, is comprised of hundreds of individually cut pieces of light and dark woods to create the desired effect.  In the case of the hand the selection of quilted maple wood, with its animated grain movement, is critical to convey the image. Each piece of the image is cut and held together using veneer tape and adhesive.  All pieces are cut and assembled, much like a jig saw puzzle, until the picture is complete. The picture is then glued to a thicker piece of wood, i.e. substrate-usually plywood, fiber, or lumber core.  It can then be integrated into a piece of scupture or furniture, etc.
    Not For Sale
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