Some Artist Statements for
Art Show - September 23, 2017

“A Lovely Line - Nature, Emotion and Architecture”

Paint is pure joy for me. It has such raw intrinsic appeal. Like no other medium, painting truly precedes my calculating mind! It allows my sub conscious mind to get an immediate and meaningful voice in the creative process. It is visceral and honest, direct and unedited ,it is raw and revealing for me.

The workmanlike mentality I have developed through building furniture for 30 years certainly influences how I work with paint. The discipline woodworking unrelentingly demands does shape my technical practice. If I want a tool to make big sweeps with the paint I can build a tool to do that. When I want the surface to be burnished I already have a creative reference and method to create that.

My furniture making background is ever present because I see and respond to form all the time. My building background dials me into the potential and importance of fluidity and weight of lines. Those lines are clearly evident in the nudes.

For me the process of how I made the painting is ever present. It was built. The viewer gets the finished form and the process altogether. The pieces have a dynamic quality for this reason; and I hope they bring that presence to the spaces they occupy.

Whether nude or abstract or landscape, all the work references the natural in some way. I suppose that is what grounds me and my work. I seek for the work to have a dynamic rhythm and balance that resonates with the joy of living. Again I hope the work can bring that into the homes where the pieces settle.

A nude certainly can be arousing or calming, but moreover brings a vulnerability to me the artist and, often, you the viewer. Ultimately these nudes are as much about love as anything else. Love of the line the body forms, love of the process of making art and love of being among the living. All my work comes from that place even I as struggle with difficult feelings life stirs; as well as the exciting experiences life can bring.